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          Liaoning kelong fine chemical joint stock company

          Liaoning Kelong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988 and covers an area of 200,000 square meters. After more than 30 years of hard work and development, Kelong Co., Ltd. has developed into a national high-tech enterprise and listed company focusing on the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of fine chemical green and low-carbon new material products. "Self-oriented, learn from everyone's strengths, integrate and refine, become a family of its own" is the refined interpretation of the continuous development of Kelong Co., Ltd.

          Kelong Co., Ltd. has a sound chemical infrastructure and strong fine chemical production technology, and has a national enterprise technology center, national postdoctoral workstation and other high-level scientific research platforms, after years of independent research and development and technological innovation, has developed into a domestic leading enterprise from polyether monomer to polycarboxylic acid high-performance water reducing agent industry chain, domestic polyether surfactant series products of high-quality manufacturers. Kelong  Co., Ltd. has now developed into a large-scale manufacturer of high-performance concrete admixtures and a comprehensive technical solution provider for concrete engineering with leading advantages in the industrial chain from polyether monomer to polycarboxylic acid high-performance water reducing agent in China. Products are widely used in high-speed rail, water conservancy, nuclear power, bridges, ports, municipal and other construction fields of national and local key and extra-large concrete projects.

          MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

          At present, the total annual production capacity of fine chemical products of  Kelong  Co., Ltd. reaches 200,000 tons. At present, it has formed a series of polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent series products, phenyl ether series products, hydroxy ester series products, UV light curing series products, coating additives, textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries, building materials additives, new energy lithium battery new materials, SCR denitration catalyst, ozone oxidation catalyst, antibacterial agent, nano cerium oxide polishing liquid and other fine chemical product systems.

          Kelong  Co., Ltd. has 11 subsidiaries, with four production bases in Liaoyang, Shenyang, Panjin and Chengdu, Sichuan, and sales in all regions of the country, and has formed a perfect product supply network, and has completed the strategic layout of the vertical industrial chain of polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent in southwest China.

          It has also been rated as "China's Top 500 Most Competitive Enterprises in Chemical Industry" and "China's Top 10 Enterprises with Comprehensive Strength of Concrete Admixtures", and passed the audit and certification of the Ministry of Railways in December 2012. The company undertook and participated in the drafting and formulation of national and industry standards for many materials and new products such as polycarboxylic acid-based high-performance water reducing agent polyether monomer, and made positive contributions to the development of China's fine chemical new material industry.

          On October 30, 2014, Liaoning Kelong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was successfully listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock abbreviation: Kelong, stock code: 300405).

          In the future, Kelong  Co., Ltd. will continue to focus on the field of fine chemicals, improve scientific and technological innovation capabilities, formulate diversified strategic layouts, serve national strategies, make every effort to build a leading fine chemical industry group in China, fully promote the transformation and upgrading of Kelong, create new industrial growth points, and comprehensively open up the development pattern.

          Introduction to Panjin Kelong

           MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

          Panjin Kelong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in August 2010. It is a new high-tech enterprise that integrates scientific research, development, and production. The registered capital is 126.85 million yuan, and the company covers an area of 94.1 acres.

          Panjin Kelong Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liaoning Kelong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in October 2014 with stock code 300405.

          As a fundraising project of a listed group company, Panjin Cologne Company invested 129 million yuan in 2011 to construct an annual production of 30000 tons of ethylene oxide derivatives project, relying on the abundant ethylene oxide resources and comprehensive chemical infrastructure in Panjin. The project was officially put into operation in January 2014.

          The company invested 100 million yuan in 2019 to build a 10000 ton lithium ion battery material ethylene carbonate device, which was commissioned in December 2020 and is now running stably.

          In 2022, the company will invest 10 million yuan to expand an industrial ethylene carbonate plant with an annual output of 10000 tons. Now the equipment foundation has been completed and follow-up equipment is arriving in the factory. It is expected to be completed and put into production in December 2022.

          The company currently has 2 production lines for polyether monomers, with a designed production capacity of 30000 tons per year. A set of ethylene carbonate production plant with a design capacity of 10000 tons. The built devices are all at the leading level of domestic and international technology, with a high degree of automation and digitization.

          The product polycarboxylic acid water reducer polyether macromonomer is the main raw material for the production of high-performance concrete admixture polycarboxylic acid water reducer. The synthesis process and characterization methods of this product have reached international advanced levels, and are widely used in fields such as railways, highways, ports, nuclear power, railways, subways, water pipelines, pipe piles, bridge construction, and civil construction.

          The product ethylene carbonate (EC) is an organic solvent with excellent performance, which is mainly used in new energy lithium-ion power batteries. As an electrolyte solvent, it can improve the performance of lithium batteries and be used in the electrolyte of lithium batteries; Ethylene carbonate can also be used as an active intermediate in the production of lubricating oil and grease. In addition, it can be used as an organic intermediate to replace ethylene oxide for dioxylation, and is the main raw material for the production of dimethyl carbonate by transesterification method; It can also be used as a raw material for synthesizing furazolidone, water glass slurry, fiber finishing agent, etc; Widely used in industries such as fertilizers, fibers, pharmaceuticals, and organic synthesis.

          Panjin Kelong Company has signed supply and marketing cooperation agreements with Huajin Group, Western Railway Construction, China Railway First Bureau Company, etc. We have established a collaborative action mechanism between raw material supply and product sales, as well as a mechanism for moving forward the quality checkpoint and ensuring honest handover; The company has established industrial alliances with large petrochemical enterprises in regions such as Liaohe Oilfield to achieve cooperation mechanisms such as resource sharing, information sharing, complementary raw materials, and product interoperability.

          The company implements a modern enterprise operation mechanism and has passed three system certifications: Quality Management System (ISO9001:2015), Environmental Management System (ISO14001:2015), and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO45001:2018). The company has successively received honorary titles such as Liaoning Province High tech Enterprise, Panshan County Star Enterprise, Panjin City Little Giant Enterprise, Panjin City May Day Labor Award, and Panjin City Harmonious Labor Relations Model Enterprise.

          After 10 years of development and expansion, Panjin Kelong has advanced equipment and expanded its scale. Through close cooperation between upstream and downstream, it has opened up a complete industrial chain with its parent company, Liaoning Cologne Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. The finished products cover polycarboxylic acid water reducer, ethylene carbonate and other products.

          At present, the company's production and operation situation is stable, with sales customers covering the whole country. Based on the new energy industry, the company expands the production capacity of ethylene carbonate, seeks greater development space, and provides customers with more high-quality products and solutions.


          Introduction to Sichuan Hengze Company

          MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

          Sichuan Hengze Building Materials Co., Ltd., established in October 2010, is located in the Xinjin New Materials Industry Functional Zone of Tianfu New District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It covers an area of 41000 square meters, with a building area of 37000 square meters. The geographical environment is superior, and communication is convenient. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of high-performance concrete additives in the southwest region. In September 2016, Formally becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed company Liaoning Kelong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

          The company has gathered a group of industry professionals who have been engaged in the research and application of new materials, new products, new technologies, and high-performance concrete admixtures for a long time. Among them, there are more than 60 personnel with intermediate and senior professional titles, more than 30 full-time R&D personnel, and more than 20 senior technicians. Technological progress and innovation are the driving forces for the rapid development of the company. The company has advanced production equipment, reliable logistics delivery, a complete testing system, and the Hengze Building Materials Center Laboratory. The enterprise has successively passed ISO9001 quality system certification and CRCC railway product certification. The company has obtained three invention patents for alkali free liquid accelerator and more than ten utility model patents. Among them, the HZ early strength and slump reducing agent product has been identified as a leading domestic level through achievement appraisal. On October 9, 2015, the company was officially recognized as a national level high-tech enterprise. In 2016, it was awarded a key scientific and technological innovation achievement project in Chengdu. While establishing and cultivating its own research and development team, the company attaches great importance to cooperation in production and research technology. It has been organically integrating with multiple well-known universities, research institutions, domestic peers, and renowned enterprises for a long time, serving the construction fields of railways, highways, hydropower, aviation, and civil engineering.

          The management team of the company keeps up with the times and closely grasps the market pulse, winning considerable orders in the domestic and international high-speed rail construction market. Our company is the first in Sichuan Province to pass the CRCC certification for railway products, and has received nearly 300 million orders in a short period of time. International application representative projects include the first expressway in East Africa and the light rail project in Addis Ababa; Domestic applications for national large-scale projects include the Chengdu Guizhou Railway, Chengdu Lanzhou Railway, Lanzhou Chongqing Railway, Chengdu Mianle Passenger Dedicated Line, Chengdu Freight Outer Ring Road, Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, Xicheng Railway, Guangda Railway, Yakang Expressway, Jianpu Expressway

          Chongqing Metro Line 10, Darui Railway, Qianzhang Changzhou Railway, Lvgan Railway, Menghua Railway, and other key projects.

          Hengze Company adheres to the core values of "integrity, innovation, respect, and win-win", and adheres to the management philosophy of putting people first in the cause, putting people first in development, and the team concept of harmony but difference. We adhere to the market as the center, forge ahead with determination, accumulate knowledge and make progress, and deeply cultivate our strategic layout. We use high-speed rail as a platform to jointly develop in both domestic and international directions.

          The excellent tradition of Hengze people pursuing excellence and advancing bravely will not slack off! We welcome challenges and embrace competition with full enthusiasm. We want to jump at the forefront of the wave of the times and work hard for the cause of concrete admixtures!

          Introduction to Liaoning Lan'en Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

          MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

          Liaoning Lan'en Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liaoning Cologne Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. (Cologne Co., Ltd., stock code 300405). The company mainly produces extrusion and coating type denitrification catalysts, designs and manufactures SCR denitrification equipment and tail gas purification systems. The main products include power plant boiler flue gas denitration, diesel generator, various gas generator supporting denitration equipment, automobile, marine engine tail gas treatment, etc., and contracted petrochemical plants, mining and smelting kilns and other flue gas treatment projects. The company has established extensive industry university research cooperation with China National Academy of Building Materials, Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian University of Technology, and China National Petroleum Corporation. The company has multiple patented technologies. The company's technical characteristics and leading advantages:

          1、 Denitration catalysts have independent intellectual property rights

          The company has established production facilities for 10000 cubic meters/year extruded honeycomb catalysts and 2500 cubic meters/year coated catalysts. The catalyst production process and formula have independent intellectual property rights. Adding rare earth elements to the catalyst components improves the catalyst activity and high-temperature aging resistance, and has good denitrification performance within the denitrification window temperature, expanding the range of product use.

          2、 Independently designed and manufactured denitrification equipment

          The company has a professional technical team in chemical, mechanical, and instrument control fields, which can independently research and develop, design, and manufacture denitrification equipment. The optimized combination of self-produced denitrification catalysts and denitrification equipment forms a complete industrial chain, which can be customized according to on-site conditions to provide users with thoughtful services.

          3、 Introducing advanced catalyst evaluation equipment

          In order to verify and evaluate the actual performance of the catalyst, the company invested in importing a flue gas treatment and catalyst evaluation device with DOC+DPF+SCR from H+H Company in Germany, using Siemens infrared gas analyzer, Siemens PLC, and precise fluid control system. Each batch of catalyst in the company needs to be evaluated for actual performance indicators in the evaluation device.

          4、 The control system can achieve remote control

          The SCR denitrification control system independently designed, programmed, and configured by the company can achieve local control, centralized control, remote control, and internet cloud control of smart devices such as mobile phones, and can achieve remote fault diagnosis, maintenance, and other functions.

          5、 CFD simulation design for flue gas flow field

          The flue gas flow field is designed using both numerical analysis and model experiments to achieve uniformity of the flue gas flow field, improve catalyst utilization, and ensure denitrification effect.

          For many years, the company has been fully committed to environmental protection, focusing on the field of gas purification. The company adheres to the philosophy of "integrity in life, quality in products" and "selling is not the end, service is just the beginning", and is willing to wholeheartedly provide customers with high-quality products and services. The company will actively explore new fields, seek new development, achieve new breakthroughs, seek truth and pragmatism, and comprehensively build a harmonious and efficient enterprise.

          Lan'en Environmental Protection is willing to work together with you to create a beautiful ecological environment with blue sky and white clouds in our motherland.

          Introduction to Shenyang Huawu Enterprise

          MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

          Shenyang Huawu Construction New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the nine subsidiaries of Liaoning Kelong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. It was registered in 2018 as a professional production enterprise for ready-mixed commercial concrete, located in Yuhong District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.

          Huawu's main business scope includes concrete mixing, ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) coating and water paint, high-performance concrete, prefabricated building components, curbstones, etc.

          The company has strong technical strength, and its management methods and professional level are leading in the industry. The procedures for concrete mixing, transportation, pumping, quality management, and after-sales service are rigorous and standardized.

          We have introduced two advanced 180 concrete mixing stations in China, equipped with scientific and effective control systems, and the Italian SICOMA mixer company has 35 12-18 cubic meter mixing trucks, 1 37 meter boom pump truck, 2 56 meter boom pump trucks, 2 67 meter boom pump trucks, and 4 180 90 truck mounted pumps. The modern dispatch and command system, with a wide supply capacity radiation area, is currently a large-scale, talent gathering, advanced technology, and well-equipped concrete professional manufacturing factory in Shenyang.

          Every vertical concrete provided by Huawu to customers ensures its high quality. Currently, we can produce concrete with strength grades of C10-C60 and provide you with reasonable construction plans according to actual needs. The company respects science, pays attention to technological progress, and actively adopts new technologies and materials according to market demand to develop a variety of special concrete.

          Huawu strictly follows the ISO9001-2008 international quality assurance system management, and serves users with excellent equipment, capable talents, and high-quality products. The needs and expectations of users are the starting point of all work in the company. The company will work together with you to create high-quality projects with sincere and high-quality services. Ensure the quality goal of 100% concrete quality qualification rate and 100% service satisfaction rate, and achieve common sustainable development.

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